How to propagate gasteraloe, gasterias (and other species from aloe family)

Hello my lovely fellow succ lovers!

This time I would like to show you my method of propagation which works for gasterias, gasteraloe and other species from aloe family (unfortunately aloe is hardest specie to propagate from leaves… but yes – it is possible).

This method works great also for Kalanchoe and Cotyledon species.

During the last few years I tested few methods, and as for echeverias, sedeverias, sedums, graptoverias etc. the best option seems to be just laying the leaves on the dirt or wet cotton, for aloe family better method is to stick leaves into the soil. In case of aloe family – you must remember to let the leaves callus for longer – at least one week.

Gasteraloe Flow leaves

Then you can stick them into regular cactus soil (must be dry), and forget about them


If it’s very dry, you can spray them sometimes.

For all species from aloe family you must be very patient – it can take a good few months for them to grow the roots and even longer to grow the leaves but it works!

A lot of babies…
…and even more babies

I hope it helps some of you

Happy growing!